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CASE/mStoner Digital Advancement Survey 2018

Welcome and thank you for taking our survey. Your responses will help your colleagues identify ways to support and assist stakeholder efforts in using digital approaches to advancement, including social media, successfully. The results will be available in summary form after November 2018.

Please note that this survey is not meant to be limited to experts in digital advancement, fundraising, or social media; it is meant to gather perspectives from a cross-section of campus departments and professionals. Your responses will help ensure broad representation in the findings.  

Respondents who complete the survey and provide their email address will receive a complimentary copy of the survey findings. Plus, you can enter to win access to mStoner's eight-class, on-demand course Digital Storytelling for Higher Education for you and your team (valued at $599).  The course covers topics ranging from the building blocks of great storytelling, to design and accessibility considerations, to storytelling tactics used to nurture loyalty and increase support for alumni and donors.